About Us

Welcome To SplendidPharma

Splendid is a representative office for pharmaceutical multinational companies in the Middle East acting as their Regional Offices, taking the responsibilities of all sales & marketing activities as:

  • Recruitment of local distributors
  • Registering medicinal and complementary products
  • Recruiting and Training staff
  • Conducting all kinds of strategic marketing
  • Marketing pharmaceutical ,Medical supply and herbal products
  • Establishing profit & revenue for the running business with our partners ensuring  the proper and regular payment.
  • Products Registration and Launching

  • In 2009, Dr. Gamal El-Sheikh launched this modern pharmaceutical establishment in Cairo, Egypt.

  • He utilized his vast working experience with multinational pharmaceutical companies to start this foundation.

  • Splendid hopes to capitalize on the bright ideas of others. The company acquires compounds from other companies and takes them through a long-term profitability movement aiming for a distinctive market presence.


On behalf of board members, it gives me the great pleasure to welcome you to the Splendid Pharma Group website. It's the Splendid vision to capitalize on the bright ideas, acquiring compounds from other companies and takes them through a long term profitably movement aiming for a distinctive market presence.

It is my strong belief that the success of any company lies in its capability to acquire dedicated professionals who work hand in hand and that are exactly what will find in Splendid.

Dr. Gamal El Sheikh

Dr. Gamal El Sheikh


  • B.Sc. of Pharmacy Alexandria University, Egypt (1979)
  • More than 35 years experience in the pharmaceutical business with multi-national pharmaceutical companies.
  • Vast experience in planning, management, sales & marketing. Exemplary achievements in prospective projects with various pharmaceutical companies, managing products registration, launching, forecasting, agents recruitment, staff recruitment , planning, market intelligence ,customers needs investigation and satisfaction ,value added services implementation to the customers and community.
  • His outstanding achievement with Serono as the country manager for its operation in Saudi Arabia is a clear demonstration of this credentials.
  • Email: gamal.elsheikh@gmail.com
Dr. Gamal El-Sheikh
CEO – Board Director
  • Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science, Alexandria University, 1996 Marketing Diploma, Belgium-Brussels, 2005
  • More than 18 years of experience in various healthcare related arenas.
  • MBA Marketing, University of Leicester UK
Dr. Ahmed Yehia Rashed
Board Member
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy, Cairo University, 2000Wide experience with different multinational companies in sales field with different positions for more than 10 years
  • Markable achievements an all the positions throughout his work life
Dr. Mohamed Abou Hamad Attia
Board Member
For all sales related issues, please communicate with:
Dr. Mohammed Abou Hamed Attia - mohammed.abuhamad@ibsagulf.com

For all marketing related issues, please communicate with:
Dr. Islam Adel - +966 543011699 - islam.adel@ibsagulf.com
Dr. Mohammed Nashat - +966 546916383 - mohammed.nashat@ibsagulf.com

Splendid Vision

  • Our vision is to establish a profitable, cash positive business through the acquisition of sales, marketing and distribution rights to branded pharmaceutical products from other R&D pharmaceuticals based on clear demonstrable medical need, a stable history and low risk for the future.
  • Splendid is ideally placed to manage human pharmaceutical and complementary products and manage their lifecycle into the future.
  • This stable and profitable base covers opportunities with greater sales and margin potential ideally by partnership with biotechnology and R&D companies.

Splendid Mission

Splendid is an independent private company the objective of which is to develop further the position of Splendid as an independent pharmaceutical group of companies with its own distribution, sales and marketing.

  • Business area and business development
    Splendid wishes to expand within its primary business area: human pharmaceuticals.The objective is to market efficacious and innovative drugs on the basis of substantial and growing earnings.
  • People
    Splendid wishes to attract and retain well-educated, motivated and result-oriented employees who will contribute actively to the development of the Splendid Group. Together with a sound capital base such employees are considered the most important asset of the Splendid Group.

Focus on results

  • We demonstrate our grasp and understanding of the pharmaceutical business.
  • We seek optimal use of resources.
  • We target our work and meet all agreed deadlines.
  • We aim for constant improvement of quality and efficiency while remaining diligent.


  • We deliver results and strive for improvements.
  • We see possibilities rather than problems.
  • We possess the will and ability to foster change.


  • We take responsibility for tasks and decisions.
  • We initiate the solving of problems.
  • We are motivators and take pride in our work.

Business ethics

  • We put the whole of Splendid and the Group's results before our own interests when on the job.
  • We are upright and honorable in all conduct.
  • We set a good example to each other.